Why post stuff for free?

It’s simple. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I want to see God’s work built up everywhere—at every church, every college—everywhere!  Globally too. The free sharing of ideas helps things move ahead.  My hope is that someone can build on, improve, refine, or simply borrow from what is here.

Concerning  the free side bar keyboard chapters, only chapters containing exclusively public domain pieces are displayed, in order to avoid copyright infringement.

3 thoughts on “Why post stuff for free?

    • Good. I’ve been updating a number of them, as I teach this Fall semester (2012).

  1. Dr. Liesch,

    This resource is a complete treasure trove of resources, both theoretical and practical tools that can and will be used by people everywhere, whether church pastoral staff or other ministers in a host of contexts. What a treat.

    I believe that this level of sharing, an absolute and comprehensive volunteering of one’s “life work” is astounding and amazing. On behalf of me and many others who will use these resources and refer to them again and again (even though thousands use and visit websites but without letting the content provider know they visited) THANK YOU. This is great for the Kingdom of God.

    Praise God. Wonderful.

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