CONTENTS (Theory Bk Vol II)

13. Finding the Right Key

14. Creating Hymn Charts Simplifying

15. Creating Drones/Pedals—Simplifying

16. Progressions Down a Fifth—Building Up

17. Substitutions Down/Up a Third—Building Up

18. Sus Chords—Ways to Incorporate

19. Sus Extensions—Lush & Beautiful

20. Added Seconds

21. Quartals I

22. Quartals II

23. Substitution of Major Ninth (No Third)

24. Doubles/Alternating Chords

25. Altered Fifths

26. Integration Project

27. Exam

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22 Quartal Harmony II TBk2

Quartal Harmony (chords comprised of fourths) is used extensively in jazz.  This chapter demonstrates more kinds of quartal possibilities & their function: interior quartals, chains of quartals, quartals used with the pentatonic scale, piling on three or four quartals in a single chord, and using quartals with drones and chord planning situations.

21 Quartal Harmony I TBk2

This chapter introduces an easy way to incorporate quartal harmony (chords comprised of fourths) into praise choruses & hymns.  The unique & valuable symbol, C2Q (from bottom up: D.G.C), is introduced and explained. Another way to think of this is to use numbers in the scale. The scale degrees, 258, would also represent a quartal chord.  Quartals sound particularly good with the third in the bass (eg., C2Q/E). Examples, exercises, assignments are offered.