History of Worshipinfo.com

In 1995 Dr. Barry Liesch and his partner, Mike Kent, created worshipinfo.com. We published several articles and a zip downloadable keyboard improv book the same day. Only 15 minutes after the first post, a university student from Mexico emailed us to say that he had downloaded the improv book, was working on it at midnight while his wife and kids were sleeping. Amazing! That literally brought tears to our eyes, and it encouraged us to continue.

In 1998 James Taylor became a partner. By 2003 the site had acquired significant traffic, and 200,000 downloads of the zip keyboard book. But soon after our friend, James, died at a tragically young age.  For the next eight years the site remained rather dormant. Around 2011-2016  hackers wreaked havoc on the site.

We’re back!  We’ve kicked out the hackers and repaired about 185 files.

As of 2019 the site contains considerably more high quality materials, including two new Keyboard Worship books with about 800 new uploaded mp3 files.

If this site has helped you, let us know.  More is planned. Book 3 of the Keyboard Worship series is under development and about 80% completed.