The New Worship (paperback)



You are not obligated to purchase the book! Use the PowerPoints as you wish. But to get more value out of them, you may want to get your copy of the paperback through Baker Books or Amazon (new or used).  Below see a brief description of the book & its table of contents.

The New Worship: Straight Talk on Music and the Church by Barry Liesch.  Baker Book House, 2001, 275 pages.

The New Worship is an “issues” book on contemporary worship practice.  It seeks to answer the barrage of questions being asked today, and provide practical help for the week-by-week planning of worship.

Topics/Issues: hymns vs choruses, free-flowing praise, divisiveness over style, implementing change, worship as performance, order of worship, staff relations, improvisation, the importance of Colossians 3:16/Eph 5:18.

A lot of effort went into the graphics, which contain many charts, figures, illustrations, and concept icons. Popular in style with a scholarly foundation, it has been used as a worship text by many colleges.

Contents of The New Worship

I. Contemporary Worship Services

1. Hymns or Choruses?

2. Teaching, the Spirit, & Congregational Song

3. Free-Flowing Praise

4. Journey into the Holy of Holies

5. Designing the Service

6. Drama, Scripture, Technology

7. Inspiring the People’s Song

II. Pressing Issues

8. Is Worship a Performance? The Concept

9. Is Worship a Performance? The Implications

10. Worship: Christ’s Action & Our Response

11. Worship that Models the Purpose of the Church

12. Resolving Tensions over Musical Style: Peter

13. Resolving Tensions over Musical Style: Paul

III. Ministering with Others

14. Volunteer & Staff Relations

15. Identifying, Attracting Church Musicians

16. Why Seminaries Should Teach Music & Worship

02B The Worship Leader’s Magna Carta: Colossians 3:16 TNW PP

Is this the most important chapter in my book, The New Worship?  Newer translations and recent scholarly papers are adopting the viewpoint expressed here, that Col 3:16 contains instrumental clauses. Psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit are “a means” by which the word (message) of Christ dwells richly among us. Our songs should teach & admonish, says Paul. Also be sure to consider the implications of Colossians 1:28. Many issues to consider here!

03 Designing & Leading Free Flowing Praise TNW PP

The liturgical, thematic, and free flowing praise types of services are compared.The rationale, leadership principles, and intentions of the 5 phase model of free flowing worship (praise & worship) are explained & discussed. Musical egs included.

04A Journey into the Holy of Holies TNW PP

A “shadow of heaven” (Heb 8:3). This PP explains how concepts in the Tabernacle & Temple are being applied to contemporary worship practice. This basic model has also been called Praise & Worship, & Worship in the Inner & Outer Courts. Emphasis on God’s Presence. Rationale, leadership principles, biblical support, discussion.