CONTENTS (Improv for Singers & Instrumentalists)


Part One: Rhythmic Freedom

1. Anticipating & Delaying Phrases

Part Two: Melodic Ornamentation

2. A Starting Place—Notes of Approach

3. A Starting Place—Notes of Departure

4. Connecting Melody Notes

Part Three: Melodic Re-Design

5. Replacing, Subtracting, Inverting Melody Notes

6. Tension Notes—The Appoggiatura

7. Projects

Part Four: Improvising Stylistically

8. Embellishing with the Pentatonic Scale

9. Blue & Hot: Basics of Blues & Gospel

Part Five: Extended Melodic Elaboration

10. Achieving Continuity through Sequences

11. Creating New Lines, Echoes

12. Reshaping Phrases, Paragraphs, Whole Pieces

13. Free Improvisation

Appendix 1: Chord Catalogue

Generated by Drs Barry Liesch and John Curtis Browning

Draft,  March 15, 2011

4 thoughts on “CONTENTS (Improv for Singers & Instrumentalists)

  1. Sorry, could not open file. So looking forward to reading the contents. Chapter titles
    certainly appeal to me. Is there something I’ m not doing right?.

    • Jack, I tested a file at Improv for Singers and Instrumentalists. Everything worked.
      Go to the file you desire. When you see it, click on the icon at top right hand corner (the pop up icon).
      Then the full page should appear. Scroll to the bottom of page one, then look for the print button (which should appear)
      either at top center or toward your top right.

      You should be able to print. I was able to.

  2. Hi Barry,
    Thank you for your prompt reply. I now have access to many pages of your excellent material. Bless you and your teaching ministry going forward. Regards Jack

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