03 Designing & Leading Free Flowing Praise TNW PP

The liturgical, thematic, and free flowing praise types of services are compared.The rationale, leadership principles, and intentions of the 5 phase model of free flowing worship (praise & worship) are explained & discussed. Musical egs included.

5 thoughts on “03 Designing & Leading Free Flowing Praise TNW PP

  1. Hi,

    I have just tried to download this powerpoint and it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Can you check it for me, please?

    Elsen (Elcio) Portugal
    Igreja Batista do Bom Retiro, Ipatinga, MG, Brazil
    Minister of Music
    VP Assoc. of Bapt. Music. MG

  2. On another note, I am enjoying reviewing B. L.’s book one more time. We deal still with many of the same issues in churches in Brazil where I presently serve. The topics addressed in this book may be incorporated in an upcoming Association of Musicians’ congress in our state next year. Thank you!
    E. P.

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