14 Finding the Right Key TBk2

High-profile, worship leaders today are tenors with spectacular upper ranges. Their CDs pitch songs in high keys suited to their voices, not the congregation’s. Let’s find the congregation’s key.  What keys are best for guitarists?  Are there potential problems with any of these guitar-preferred keys?

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10 KImprovBk1 – Sus Chords I

Sus chords (eg., from bottom to top, C – F -G) omit the third of the chord and substitute a fourth.  They  have a broad application to both contemporary and traditional worship styles. They provide a colorful alternative to the standard dominant seventh which occurs frequently in hymn and chorus cadences. They are valuable in creating segues and in effecting modulations in the free-flowing praise format. They are eminently playable on both guitars and keyboards. We’ll look at how the sus4, sus7, and sus9 chords function.