21 Quartal Harmony I TBk2

This chapter introduces an easy way to incorporate quartal harmony (chords comprised of fourths) into praise choruses & hymns.  The unique & valuable symbol, C2Q (from bottom up: D.G.C), is introduced and explained. Another way to think of this is to use numbers in the scale. The scale degrees, 258, would also represent a quartal chord.  Quartals sound particularly good with the third in the bass (eg., C2Q/E). Examples, exercises, assignments are offered.

08 KImprovBk1 – Quartals 1

The word “quartals” refers to chords constructed from perfect fourth intervals (eg. from top to bottom, C – G – D).  They have a unique, modern sound and function the same way as do “added seconds.”  In the chapter you will find a unique symbol I’ve created to express “quartal chords” in chord charts.  You’ll find this symbol helpful when you want your band to play them.  They are easy for guitarists to perform, and they sound particularly good when the third of the chord is located in the bass (eg. from top to bottom,  C – G – D with E in the bass).

07 KImprovBk1 – Added Seconds

Added Seconds — adding a second to a triad (eg. C – D – E – G) – help to modernize and provide new color to old-sounding triads. They are used in almost all contemporary styles of music.  They are useful in hymns too. Traditional  harmonic progressions can remain the same – the change is not radical, but subtle.  We examine added seconds without the third and with the third of major and minor triads.