04A Journey into the Holy of Holies TNW PP

A “shadow of heaven” (Heb 8:3). This PP explains how concepts in the Tabernacle & Temple are being applied to contemporary worship practice. This basic model has also been called Praise & Worship, & Worship in the Inner & Outer Courts. Emphasis on God’s Presence. Rationale, leadership principles, biblical support, discussion.

10A The Tabernacle: Five Sacrifices (new) PIP PP

Revised & Improved, October 2, 2014. Errors are corrected & connections to the NT are made more clearly.

The five sacrifices (offerings): purification, burnt, reparation (restitution), dedication, fellowship.  Are thy echoed in the New Testament?  In what ways? What meaning do they have for us today?

Supplemental PowerPoint for People in the Presence of God.

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10B The Tabernacle: Theological, Symbolical, A Type of Heaven PIP PP

Revised Oct 2, 2014

An in depth look at the use of symbolism in OT worship and meaning of the altar, laver, menorah, table of incense, table of bread, veil, mercy seat, and their reappearance in the New Testament.  Does the symbolism here point to the essentials of not only Old Testament worship but also Christian worship?  Since the Tabernacle/Temple are a sketch/pattern of the worship going on in heaven, does that elevate it’s significance even more? Symbolism seems to be a difficult topic for Evangelicals.  How should we use or view it?

11 The Tabernacle: Fine Arts PIP PP

Revised Sept 19, 2014

Discussion of the role of the arts in the Old Testament and the Tabernacle particularly. Abstract & representational art (Islam, Luther, Calvin).  Willow Creek and the use of religious symbols.The 2nd Commandment and the arts.   Skill and the arts.  Bezalel: his artistic qualities, ability to teach, weaving, embroidering, engraving, sculpting, woodcarving. Representational art: cherubim, almonds, lions, blue(!) pomegranates.

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