12 Resolving Tensions, Musical Style TNW PP

Exploration of Acts 2 (Wind, Tongues of Fire), 10 (Vision of Descended Sheet) & 15 (Jerusalem Council).  It’s implications/lessons for coping with cultural change & musical style.  Why did God choose wind & tongues of fire to convey the image of the Holy Spirit? Do Acts 2 &10 imply the gospel can be clothed in many music styles?

13A Paul: Resolving Tensions, Musical Style TNW

Paul tackles thorny cultural issues (sacred days, wine, meat offered to idols, meat thought to be unclean) and offers advice.  He address both the weak & the strong, and helps them navigate the tricky waters intersecting faith, conscience, & culture.  All this provides help for resolving tensions relating to musical style & worship practice today. Lessons from Romans 14 and I Cor 8-10.

14 Music in the Temple and New Testament: Style, Instrumentation PIP PP

How were levitical musicians regarded? Was there a sacred style? Their living arrangements, responsibilities, and temple rotation schedules. The supervising heads of the three major, musical families resided in Jerusalem, while individual musicians and groups were scattered over Israel.