32 Modulation II—Smoothing the Transition TBk3

Modulation within and between pieces — a way to create interest, energy, and a sense of flow.  Learn how to do it.

Modulation, the ability to segue within or between pieces with a similar or different meter, is discussed and demonstrated. The progression ii-V-I of the new key helps smooth modulations.

Learn how to change the mood during the modulation transition: triumphant to contemplative, or contemplative to triumphant. Modulations involving minor keys is included. Examples and exercises.

Revised 5.2014.  33 pages, 49 examples.

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23 KImprovBk1 – Intros

The techniques discussed in this and the next the chapter—introductions, outros, turnarounds, and loops—can have a profound effect upon worship. They allow for flexibility in worship, for following the Spirit, and for doing what is fitting and appropriate at the moment.

22 KImprovBk2 – Modulation III

Now we will explore ways to extend modulations, create moods, use motives, sequences, and to fashion more artistic, sophisticated, worshipful segues.  At the end of the chapter, the iii – vi – ii – V – I chain of fifths will be employed.