O1i Understanding the Sabbath

A look at the sabbath, it’s meanings in the Old Testament, corrections in understanding by Jesus, and its relevance for families today and contemporary worship.  Does it apply to Israel only?  Is it of universal scope in application for all of humanity?  Saturday?  Sunday? Is the sabbath mainly for devotion to God or is it intended for us too?

33 slides. Downloadable PowerPoint with full formatting. See square icon.

Supplement for the book, People in the Presence of God.

01B Creation, Worship, Cultural Mandate (new) PIP PP

God places Adam, created in the image of God, in the garden. The meaning of “to subdue” and “to keep” is discussed. The tree of life and river of life, useful expressions for worship, become eternal symbols. Bara, the hebrew word for create, occurs 86 times in scripture, and refers exclusively to activity by God, never humans.

10B The Tabernacle: Theological, Symbolical, A Type of Heaven PIP PP

Revised Oct 2, 2014

An in depth look at the use of symbolism in OT worship and meaning of the altar, laver, menorah, table of incense, table of bread, veil, mercy seat, and their reappearance in the New Testament.  Does the symbolism here point to the essentials of not only Old Testament worship but also Christian worship?  Since the Tabernacle/Temple are a sketch/pattern of the worship going on in heaven, does that elevate it’s significance even more? Symbolism seems to be a difficult topic for Evangelicals.  How should we use or view it?