O1i Understanding the Sabbath

A look at the sabbath, it’s meanings in the Old Testament, corrections in understanding by Jesus, and its relevance for families today and contemporary worship.  Does it apply to Israel only?  Is it of universal scope in application for all of humanity?  Saturday?  Sunday? Is the sabbath mainly for devotion to God or is it intended for us too?

33 slides. Downloadable PowerPoint with full formatting. See square icon.

Supplement for the book, People in the Presence of God.

10 Jesus Our Worship Leader TNW PP

Jesus our worship leader, the ultimate leader: interceding, protecting, conducting, singing,  representing; offerer of worship, receiver of worship; leads heaven’s worship; our high priest, calls us his brothers, our basis of confidence. Qualities. See Heb 2:11,12 and compare with Ps 22.

08B Jesus: John 4, Last Supper PIP PP

Worship and the Samaritan woman at the well: worship in spirit and truth (translation issue of spirit vs Spirit); knowledgeable worship; worship not tied to a place; the father seeks worshipers.  Last supper: “this is my body”–what does that mean?