01 Teaching Through Hymns Hymnology PP

When Colossians 1:28 and 3:16 are compared, it is quite clear that (at the minimum) some of our songs sung in church should have an admonishing/teaching function, and that the role of the pastor and head musician, in Paul’s view, would likely be similar.  Examine the evidence yourself, and see chapter 2 of The New Worship PowerPoints category (listed here) for more detailed argument.


04 Isaac Watts: Radical Innovator Hymnology PP

Isaac Watts, Father of English Hymnology. Fought for the acceptance of original hymn lyrics in Calvinistic England when only scripture itself was considered acceptable in church services. Meets resistance.  After his death, a cultural reversal, a changed landscape emerges.

05 The Wesley Brothers Hymnology PP

The Wesley brothers, Charles (writer of 7000 hymns!), John (preacher/ publisher/translator), were simply indefatigable. Used by God to change 18thC England. Forced to work outside the established church. Hymn examples: theological content, leanings. (I put a lot of effort into this PowerPoint – interesting details)

02B The Worship Leader’s Magna Carta: Colossians 3:16 TNW PP

Is this the most important chapter in my book, The New Worship?  Newer translations and recent scholarly papers are adopting the viewpoint expressed here, that Col 3:16 contains instrumental clauses. Psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit are “a means” by which the word (message) of Christ dwells richly among us. Our songs should teach & admonish, says Paul. Also be sure to consider the implications of Colossians 1:28. Many issues to consider here!

15 Creating Drones/Pedals – Simplifying TBk2

Pedals/drones occur frequently in worship music/bands today (ala U2 band).  The guitars hangs onto one chord (D5–open fifth) while the bass moves. Or, the bass remains stationary while the guitars move. Simple, effective, easy to play. Discussion, examples, assignments.

13 Creating Hymn Charts – Simplifying TBk2

Creating hymn charts for worship sets.  Task: limit chords to 1 or 2 per measure (otherwise guitars lose flow). Big guitar problem with hymn books: there are often four chords per measure.  Guitarists have preference for sharp keys. Find in this chapter some easy, some difficult assignments.

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