People in the Presence of God (paperback)



You are not obligated to purchase the book! Use the PowerPoints as you wish. But to get more value out of them, you may want to get your copy of the paperback through Zondervan or Amazon (new or used).  Below see a brief description of the book & its table of contents.

People in the Presence of God:  Models and Directions for Worship by Barry Liesch. Zondervan Publishing House, 1988, 352 pages.

Though written in 1988, its content hasn’t dated much. It attempts to get at the richness of worship in the Scriptures, to get really close to what is actually going on—especially from a musician-worship leader perspective. It has a big section on worship in the book of Revelation. It emphasizes the active use of the arts, cites a lot of Scripture, and intersperses contemporary applications throughout.  Popular in style with scholarly endnotes, a dozen colleges and seminaries have used it as a text. Nominated for a gold medallion award.

Contents of People in The Presence of God

I. Principles of Worship

1. Old Testament Principles

2. New Testament Principles

II. Family Worship

3. Learning from the Patriarchs

III. Worship in the Synagogue and Pauline Church

4. Pauline Worship: Balance or Chaos

5. Extraordinary Variety!

6. Back to the Fountainhead

7. Synagogue Worship: Patterns for Protestants

8. The Legacy: Corinth, Synagogue, Church Fathers, Puritans

IV. Worship in the Tabernacle and Temple

9. Tabernacle Worship: Drama

10.Tabernacle Worship:  Symbolism

11. Tabernacle Worship: Fine Arts

12. Temple Worship:  What is Davidic Praise

13. The Organization of Davidic Praise

14. Musical Style

15. Movement in Worship

16.Celebrating Festivals

V. Revelation Worship

17. Our Heaven on Earth

18. The Ultimate Drama

19. Symbolism: Old But New

20. Worship with Mystery

21. Product of God, Creator-Artist

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