CONTENTS (Keyboard Bk I)

Part One: Pop Symbols, Basic Voicings & Progressions

1. Introduction Keyboard Improvisation Bk 1

2A. Working with Major and Minor Triads

2B. Working with Major and Minor Sevenths

3. Three Plus One, Four Plus Two Voicing

4. Father I Adore You (I-ii-V-I; I-IV-V-I)

5. Mastering an Essential Progression: ii-V-I

6. Practicing God is So Good/Amazing Grace

Part Two: Extending Your Harmonic Options

7. Added Seconds

8. Quartals I

9. Quartals II

10. Sus Chords—Ways to Incorporate

11. Sus Extensions—Lush & Beautiful

12. Doubles—Alternating Harmonies

13. Chord Substitutions—Think Down in Fifths

14. Chord Substitutions—Thinking in Thirds

15. Chord Substitutions— Ninth (No Third)

Part Three: Advanced Harmonic Concepts

16. Dominant & Secondary Dominant Relationships

17. Chords that Never Made the Hymnbook

Part Four: Different Styles

18. Jazz Embellishments & Country Hammers

19. Slow & Fast Gospel, Latin & Salsa

Part Five: Fashioning Modulations

20. Establishing the New Key—Modulation I

21. Smoothing the Transition—Modulation II

22. Advanced Techniques—Modulation III

Part Six: Leading Worship from the Keyboard

23. Intros

24. Outros, Turnarounds, Loops

25. Word Painting—Supporting the Text

26. Altered Fifths

27. Leading & Accompanying from Keyboards

Appendix 1 Pop Symbols vs Roman Numerals

Appendix 2 Different Scales for Different Chords

Appendix 3 Chord Catalogue

Generated by Dr. Barry Liesch at Biola University

Draft, May 2012

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  1. Dr. Barry, I want to thank you for all these valuable insights that you have given here. I want you to know that your expertise and your attitude is deeply appreciated. May the Lord make this site a blessing for many more people as it has been for me.

    • I discovered that a friend could not download the material. That surprised me. I’ll be looking into that
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      • Bonnie,
        Sorry for the year delay! Once you get to the file you want (use the search engine for best results), click the button at the top right corner (the pop out function). Then scroll down the first page of the chapter, and several icons will pop up above the file. Choose print.


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  2. WOW! Thank you so much for this fantastic material. I will be downloading every page I can.

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  3. I’m having trouble finding any option to download these materials. Would love access to them! Do you have suggestions/directions?

    • Emily,
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    • Lydia,
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    • Pat,
      Book 1 is not published yet, thought completed.
      We want to make all the mp3 files available on this web site first.
      And we’ve found some problems with the web site. Sorry for delay.
      I’m teaching full-time, and very busy. Will try to attend to these details soon.

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