Hymnology PP Copyright & Terms of Use


Copyright & Terms of Use

These PowerPoints were written (and continue to be revised) in the act of teaching at Biola University, located in the Los Angeles area.

They are offered FREE of charge.  My desire is to make a contribution to your life/ministry/college, and build up the church. You are welcome to use any part of these materials.

The accompanying “CC By Attribution” copyright applies, but with the single exception of point one immediately below.

  1. You are NOT obligated to display the Barry Liesch copyright and note that the material was generated at Biola University, unless, 50% or greater of the file is copied unaltered.
  2. Feel free to add, delete, and revise any frames to suit your purposes.  If you revise frames so as to change the meaning, then indicate I am not responsible for that content.
  3. You may download these files and display them commercially, and thus accrue financial gain.
  4. The viewing version at the WordPress site may not contain the proper formatting and fonts.  To obtain proper formatting and fonts, DOWNLOAD the PowerPoints to your computer/device.

Some of the PowerPoints begin with a scripture memory verse that I often have my students learn or review at the beginning of classes.  Feel free to omit those frames too.

If you teach at a College or Seminary, etc., and would like further materials I use for syllabi, assignments, and exams, contact me by email, or better yet, phone me.

Barry.Liesch @biola.edu

562.944.0351 (x5683)


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