Revised: ch 2 Notation of TNW Theory BK 1

Chapter 2 of The New Worship Theory Book (Volume I) now contains practice exercises in determining where measure bars should fall in a chart. You are required to write in the missing bar lines.  This is important.  Internet charts often lack bars lines.  Bar lines can do much to clarify the music and help prevent performance errors.

Another new exercise provides practice with rhythmic notation.  You are required to replace ties with dots.  In many situations, dots read more easily and are more efficient.

dr. barry liesch

4 thoughts on “Revised: ch 2 Notation of TNW Theory BK 1

  1. Hello,

    I would like to buy the complete books: “The jazz worship keyboardist” and “The new worship keyboardist”..
    Where to buy?



    • Guiseppe, I print copies for my students. However, right now I’m not planning on making the books available in printed form. It usually runs about $18 per student per book — and that is just the copying and spiral binding costs from our Biola University print shop. You are welcome to make your own printed copies from the PDFs.


      • Hello, Barry

        Thank you for your response..
        What do you mean by:
        “You are welcome to make your own printed copies from the PDFs.”? ..
        On the worshipinfo site? ..I did not find them!
        Would you please tell me exactly where to find on the site?

        Thanks again.


        • Giuseppe,
          You are right! Sorry. The Jazz Worship Keyboardist and The New Worship Keyboardist books haven’t been uploaded to the site yet.
          Perhaps I’ll upload them during the summer of 2013.

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