Judith Hill on THE VOICE

I imagine that some of you have been listening to the voice contestant, Judith Hill, on the TV program, THE VOICE.  What you may not know is that Judith is a graduate of the Biola Conservatory music program.  She is a good pianist and composer as well as singer.  In fact her degree is in music composition.  She is a tremendous sight reader who reads voice lines flawlessly on the first take (fantastic ear), as well as a terrific vocal improviser.  I can tell you first hand that Judith Hill is a humble, strong, evangelical christian, who is not full of herself. That’s how I fondly remember her.  And it’s great to see her doing so well on THE VOICE.

Hopefully, this summer  I will be posting about a 150 mp3 files to accompany the Improvisation book for Singers and Instrumentalists.  This may surprise you.  Judith is the singer on about 40 of the files!  And she did a tremendous job for me and my colleague John Browning (joint, co-authors of the book).

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