23 KImprovBk1 – Intros

The techniques discussed in this and the next the chapter—introductions, outros, turnarounds, and loops—can have a profound effect upon worship. They allow for flexibility in worship, for following the Spirit, and for doing what is fitting and appropriate at the moment.

6 thoughts on “23 KImprovBk1 – Intros

  1. I would like to buy a copy of “KB Improvisation Bk1” even if it’s an old copy or in pdf format – how can I get this book?

    • Alexander, tell me more about yourself. Where do you live? What is your level of involvement in worship? I may be able to get a copy to you. Barry

      • Hi Barry, I live in the United Kingdom at: 25 Austen Paths, SG2 0NJ, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. I am a keyboard player in my local pentecostal church. I like your aproach and teaching method and i am sure your material can take me to a new worship experience and eddification of the church for His Glory. I have been a keyboard player for about five years. I have taught myself to sight read but I could not get any inspirational material on the web to help me along. I would like to play by ear but from a solid theoretical foundation and your approach fills this gap.

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