16A Temple Festivals PowerPoint Revised

Revised October 2, 2014

The three major Hebrew festivals are discussed in detail (Passover, Feast of Weeks, Feast of Tabernacles), and their Christian counterparts (Easter, Pentecost, Thanksgiving). A crucial discussion emerges regarding the relative importance of celebrating secular versus sacred holidays/events in churches. 48 frames.

This PowerPoint supplements People in the Presence of God.

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13 Temple Organization/Administration Revised

PowerPoint 13, for “People in the Presence of God”,  dealing with the intricate musical organization in the Hebrew Temple, has been revised.

The PowerPoint talks about the Hebrew Festivals, the 24 musical groups, the 288 master teachers, and how music in the temple was organized on a weekly basis. Comparisons are made with current worship practice in churches today.

01E Holiness in OT Worship PP PP

Holiness is the central concept for Old Testament Worship.  Moreover, the concept is pervasive from the Pentateuch right through to the book of Revelation.  Holiness is a many-spendored prism through which God’s character is communicated.  Holiness helps us get close to the feeling of Old Testament worship in all it’s diversity.  It both attractive and at the same time it repels us.  Discover.

Updated 7.2014.  69 frames.

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