Revised: ch 2 Notation of TNW Theory BK 1

Chapter 2 of The New Worship Theory Book (Volume I) now contains practice exercises in determining where measure bars should fall in a chart. You are required to write in the missing bar lines.  This is important.  Internet charts often lack bars lines.  Bar lines can do much to clarify the music and help prevent performance errors.

Another new exercise provides practice with rhythmic notation.  You are required to replace ties with dots.  In many situations, dots read more easily and are more efficient.

dr. barry liesch

150 MP3 files now available!

If you go to the pull down menu, MP3, you’ll find a half dozen representative sample mp3s  that accompany the Improvisation for Singers and Instrumentalists book.  In a second sub file in the MP3 menu bar 150 mp3 files are available that go with the 13 chapters in the book.  All of this material, of course, is free of charge. It cost more than a $1000 to produce.

At some point in the future (perhaps later in the summer) selected mp3 files will be made available that accompany the New Worship Theory books (three Volumes).  About a 100 mp3s are already completed.

Judith Hill on THE VOICE

I imagine that some of you have been listening to the voice contestant, Judith Hill, on the TV program, THE VOICE.  What you may not know is that Judith is a graduate of the Biola Conservatory music program.  She is a good pianist and composer as well as singer.  In fact her degree is in music composition.  She is a tremendous sight reader who reads voice lines flawlessly on the first take (fantastic ear), as well as a terrific vocal improviser.  I can tell you first hand that Judith Hill is a humble, strong, evangelical christian, who is not full of herself. That’s how I fondly remember her.  And it’s great to see her doing so well on THE VOICE.

Hopefully, this summer  I will be posting about a 150 mp3 files to accompany the Improvisation book for Singers and Instrumentalists.  This may surprise you.  Judith is the singer on about 40 of the files!  And she did a tremendous job for me and my colleague John Browning (joint, co-authors of the book).